Crossover Kayak

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represents the begin of a new water approach, the cross-over world. Cross over are multi-purpose boats great for any water and friendly in lots situations. This boats is for demanding people, who has lots interests and need a boat that feels good in sea, close water, rivers, fishing or just scouting doing bird watching.

The key points of this concept are: stability, handling, versatility. It is short enough to be carried by car without problem or recovered in a small garage during the off season. Its size makes it comfortable in close water and rivers as well(class 4).

So, doesn’t matter if you are a fisherman, a hunter o simply an outdoor enthusiast, the cross over is now what you need.

 Kayak’s characteristics

 The center hull area is quite flat to maximize stability even for beginners. The two rails helps to control direction. The stern is low to make this boat - even if not long - very fast and the bow high for whitewater uses(avoid easily rocks, holes, waves etc).

The upper deck present a bigger front, to help whitewater activity, foot room and the rear part has less volume to be less disturbed by the wind effect.

The boat is quite wide to be VERY STABLE, expecially because a beginner could decide to buy this boat and - over than only paddling in flat water - try his first whitewater experience of dedicate time to fishing..

The general volume is high to makes the boat comfortable even if loaded with other staff. The volume is more centralize to makes ends easy to be handled.

Generally the boat has a very good handling, but using the SKEG everything change. It starts to go straight very very easily! Obviously you can adjust the skeg to medium to maximum position depending of where they are.

Max Cap. 150kg/331lbs
Cockpit 85×40cm/33''×16''
Length 390cm/12.8'  
Material HDPE

Comes in different colours. Please contact us for colours